Xander Rapstine


I'm a full-stack web developer with a passion for JAMStack. I'm proficient in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, responsive design, React, Next.js, and Node.js, with experience working with Express, MongoDB, MySQL, GraphQL, PHP, and Python.

These are a few of the projects I've worked on recently.

Proud Peasant

The official website of the Austin-based progressive rock band

Image of Proud Peasant website.

Basement Avatar Records

The official website of the Austin-based record label

Image of Basement Avatar Records website.

The Angelus

The official website of the Dallas-based post-rock band

Image of The Angelus website.

Yoga by Kara

The official site of Missouri yoga teacher Kara Cummings

Image of Yoga by Kara website.

12 Monkeys

A simple memory game built with React

Image of 12 Monkeys website.

Dragon Age ARENA

A simple browser-based RPG

Image of Dragon Age ARENA website.